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We Create...Lifetime...Guests, with exceptional cuisine, unique personalities and creative concepts, Capital Restaurant Concepts is the parent company and creator of J.Paul's, Paolo's, Old Glory BBQ, and Georgia Brown's. We are a family of restaurants spurn from the creative vision of Paul J. Cohn and the entrepreneurial expertise of Bechara Nammour. We are restaurants...we are our people.

Career Opportunities

What distinguishes a Manager or Chef with Capital Restaurant Concepts? Over the years, a few qualities have consistently contributed to individual's success within our concepts:

Passion : a passion for this business, a passion for great food. Someone who loves the restaurant world and thrives on the organized chaos that it sometimes is. Someone who couldn't dream of being anything other than a restaurateur.

Entrepreneurial spirit : an ownership approach to running the restaurant. Someone who is visionary in their outlook; who can maximize their restaurant's potential by relying on proven systems, but who can also think outside of the box with a creative and innovative mind.

Attention to detail : a limitless energy to give the guest more than they expect. Whether it is the crease in the sleeve of a uniform, the glass on the bar top, or the flavor blend and presentation of our "from scratch" dishes, we strive to be perfect to the smallest detail.

Business ethics : a savvy business person with a strong ethical backbone. Someone who can make effective business decisions, balancing the needs of the restaurant, our guests, our employees, and our Company. Someone who respects the legacy of Capital Restaurant Concepts and shares in our values.

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J.Paul's Restaurant

The first. The classic. The legacy. J.Paul's. With all of its history the building, the people, the appeal. CRC's first acquisition in 1985.

J. Paul's has been continually heralded as a classic turn-of-the-century American saloon. Part of its charm is the Chicago Stockyards' authentic mahogany bar, (from a time when getting a drink meant knowing a password), and the New York Waldorf Astoria's antique brass elevator doors. Both at home in our century plus Georgetown building. If these walls could talk!

In dining and drinking, J. Paul's aims to please...locally touted burgers and crabcakes, therapeutic Bloody Marys, and the award-winning J. Paul's Amber Ale. The restaurant continues to operate the Company's highest unit volume sales in both food and beverage.

J. Paul's extended its boisterous atmosphere to the Baltimore crowd in 1997 with its Harborplace location. Tourists, conventioneers, locals and sports fans frequent this dining saloon for dependable tastes with a Maryland flair.

Paolo's Ristorante

Paolo believes that food is like love, it should fill you up, but still leave you wanting more...

Italian traditional made California fresh, that's Paolo's. The first opened in Georgetown in the late eighties, with an ever changing menu of new tastes and fusions. All locations feature open display kitchens and brick ovens catering to a diversified pizza palate. Comfortable light woods throughout with intricate touches of granite and Italian marble always make Paolo feel at home.

Dishes focus on flavor. What is fresh from the market is fresh on your plate. Seasonal tastes, farm grown and line caught. Enticing ingredients. Mediterranean Chicken Salad with feta and eggplant. Tortellini Rose with prosciutto di Parma.

You can visit Paolo in D.C., Baltimore, Reston. He's expecting you.

Old Glory Bar-B-Que

Belts? Unhitch 'em...and get ready for All-American barbeque. Authentic barbeque differs from region to region, so in order to pay homage to all of the joints, spits, shacks, and backyards, Old Glory celebrates and nurtures all of our nation's slow-cooking styles.

Walk into Old Glory Bar-B-Que, the original, in historic Georgetown, and step into a tour of sights and smells expressing a whole "True Q" attitude. A home to a rescued old bar and a killer bourbon club. The barbeque Mecca that started it all. Memphis blues to the Carolinas to the Midwest and back down to the spicy South, it's everywhere you look, and in every smoky bite.

A traditional barbeque joint in a non-traditional sense. The best of the west, and the rest --six sauces from the nations barbeque hubs. Dry rubs that adapt spicy and seasoned flavors for slow cooking that is worth the wait.

Belts? On second thought, maybe just wear some roomier pants and leave the belt at home.

Georgia Browns

Low-Country Cuisine. The Soul of Washington, D.C. Gracious service and Southern Hospitality. Simply succulent.

Unique in design, Georgia Brown's warmly opened its doors in 1993. Part of the visual appeal lends itself to the bronzed ceiling scroll reminiscent of grand Oak trees outstretched like a lace border over Southern streets. Blonde woods cascade through the restaurant giving a sense of calm motion, like a summer ride down a lazy river.

Food is to be slowly savored, traditional fried green tomatoes, Perleau straight from Charleston, and fried chicken to compete with your grandmama's. Proper desserts like homemade ice cream will cause you to swing your feet childlike while you spoon clatters getting every last bite.

Georgia Brown's offers a tailored side of the South. Sunday brunches are spiced with live jazz, power lunches are are for talking politics, and the evening meal is savored. So eat up, but put your napkin in your lap.

Wine Down Wednesdays   Eat Late For 8
OGL Trivia Night
Southern Comfort Hours
Monday through Saturday 3pm until 7pm

J.Paul's Restaurant

Paolo's Ristorante

Georgia Browns

Old Glory Bar-B-Que